EPAXS COURIERS (hereinafter referred to as "the Carrier") is not a Common Carrier and accepts goods for carriage only upon that condition and

the Conditions set out below. No servant or agent of the Carrier is permitted to alter or vary these Conditions in any way unless expressly stated

in writing by a Director of the Carrier.


In these Conditions

"Customer" means the Person or company who contracts for the services of the Carrier including any other carrier who gives a consignment to

the Carrier for carriage.

"Contract means the contract of carriage between the Customer and the Carrier.

"Consignee" means the person or company to whom the consignment is to be delivered.

"Consignment" means goods in bulk or contained in one parcel. package or container, as the case may be, or any number of separate parcels,

packages or containers sent at one time in one load by or for the Customer from one address to one address.

"Dangerous Goods" means dangerous substances listed by the Health and Safety Commission in Part 1 of the Authorised and Approved List of

Dangerous Substances, explosives, radioactive substances and any other substance presenting a similar hazard.


(a)The Customer warrants that he is either the owner of the goods in any Consignment or is authorised by such owner to accept these

Conditions on such owner's behalf.

(b)The Carrier may employ the services of any other carrier for the purpose of fulfilling the contract in whole or in part and any such carrier shall

have the benefit of the Contract collectively and together with the Carrier be under no greater liability to the Customer or any other party than

is the Carrier hereunder.

(c)Notwithstanding Condition 2(b) the carriage of goods in any Consignment by rail, sea, inland waterway or air is arranged by the Carrier as

agent of the Customer and shall be subject to the Conditions of rail, shipping, inland waterway or air carrier contracted to carry the goods.

The Carrier shall be under no liability whatever to whomsoever and however arising in respect of such carriage. Provided that where goods

are carried partly by road and partly by such other means of transport any loss, damage or delay shall be deemed to have occurred while the

goods were being carried by road unless the contrary is proved by the Carrier.


Dangerous Goods must be disclosed by the Customer and if the Carrier agrees to accept them for carriage they must be classified, packed and

labeled in accordance with the statutory regulations for the carriage by road of the substance declared. Transport Emergency Cards (Tremcards)

or information in writing in the manner required by the relevant  statutory provisions must be provided by the Customer in respect of each

substance and must accompany the Consignment.


(a)When collection or delivery does not take place at the Carrier's premises, the Carrier shall not be under any obligation whatsoever to provide

plant, power or labour which, in addition to the Carriers own drivers, is required for loading or unloading. Any such plant, power or labour shall

be provided at the sole risk and cost of the Customer who shall indemnify and keep the Carrier fully indemnified against all losses, liabilities,

costs, damages, expenses, claims or action suffered or incurred by the Carrier in respect of the provision or use of the same or any other

matters relating thereto.

(b)Goods requiring special appliances for unloading are accepted for carriage only on condition that the Customer has duly ascertained from the

consignee that such appliances are available at the specified place of delivery.


The Carrier shall. if so required, sign a document prepared by the Customer acknowledging the receipt of the Consignment but no such

document shall be evidence of the condition or of the correctness of the declared nature. quantity. or weight of the Consignment at the time it is

received by the Carrier.


Transit shall commence when the Carrier takes possession of the consignment whether at the point of collection or at the Carrier's premises.


(a)The Carriers charges shall be payable by the Customer without prejudice to the Carriers rights against the Consignee or any other Person.

(b)The Carriers charges as calculated and declared on the Carriers invoice to the Customer shall be deemed to be correct except in the case of

manifest error.

(c)The Carrier shall submit invoices to the Customer weekly and the Customer shall be obliged to settle such invoices not later than the end of

the calendar month following that in which the invoice was first issued and/or as stipulated on the invoice.

(d)Charges shall be payable on the expiry of any time limit previously stipulated and the Carrier shall be entitled to interest at the prevailing

overdraft interest rates being charged by Bank of Scotland on a daily basis on all amounts overdue to the Carrier.

(e)Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Carrier, all consignments are charged at their gross weight unless a consignment exceeds 4.0

cubic metres per 1000 Kilos in which case the Carrier may calculate the charge on the basis of the number of cubic metres per 1000 kilos


(a)The Carrier shall only be liable for any loss or mis-delivery arising as a result of the negligence of the Company. it's employees or servants.

The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or mis-delivery of or damage to goods occasioned during transit resulting from:

(b)act of God.

(c)any consequences of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped

power of confiscation, requisition, or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority.

(d)seizure or forfeiture under any legal process.

(e)error, act, omission, mis-statement or mis-representation by the Trader or other owner of the goods or by servants or agents of either of


(f)inherent liability to wastage in bulk or weight, latent defect or inherent defect, vice or natural deterioration of the goods.

(g)insufficient or improper packing.

(h)insufficient or improper labeling or addressing.

(i)riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout, general or partial stoppage or restraint of labour from whatever cause.



Except as otherwise provided in these conditions the liability of the Carrier in respect of loss or mis-delivery of or damage to goods of any

one consignment shall in all circumstances be limited as follows:

(a)£500 any one consignment. H o  w e v  e r  ,   t h  e   C a  r r i  e r   s h a  l l   n  o t   b  e   r e  s p  o n s  i b l  e   f  o r   t  h e   f  i  r s  t   £  5 0   o  f   e a  c h   &   e v e  r y   l  o s  s   r e  s u l  t i  n g   f  r o m   t h e

o n  e  c a  u  s  e  o r e v  e  n  t  .

(b)FULL TRANSIT LIABILITY COVER up to a maximum of £15,000 per consignment can be provided by the Carrier where such cover is

specifically requested by the Customer on  the consignment  note.   The Customer wi l l  be  l iable to pay a suppl ementary charge  for such

cover per consignment as detailed on the Carrier's service agreement from time to time.


(c)the Carrier shall be entitled to require proof of the whole of the consignment and of any part thereof lost, mis-delivered or damaged.

(d)the Carrier shall not in any circumstances be liable in respect of the indirect or consequential loss or damage, however arising and

including loss of market.

(e)Transit liability cover is not available for consignments which comprise or include precious stones, plants, perishables, bullion and other

precious metals, furs, jewellery, currency. antiques, cheques, negotiable instruments, dangerous goods, works of art or living creatures:

and if the carrier agrees to accept them for carriage the Customer would be deemed to assume total liability in respect of loss or

mis-delivery of or damage to such goods in any one consignment.


The Customer shall indemnify the Carrier against ail claims and demands whatever by whoever made in excess of the liability of the Carrier

in these Conditions.


The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or mis-dellvery of or damage to goods of any one consignment or other liability of whatsoever

nature unless:

(a)the Customer notifies the Carrier of an impending claim within ten days after commencement of transit:


(b)the Carrier receives a completed claim form from the Customer within twenty-eight days after commencement of transit provided that no

claim shall be entertained by the Carrier nor shall any liability attach to it unless all payments due to the Carrier from the Customer   in

respect of the delivery of the consignment have been fully made.


The price at which the Carrier has agreed me delivery or procure the delivery of the consignment is based on:

(a)the warranties and indemnities given and accepted on the part of the Customer herein:

(b)the Carrier's cost of maintaining insurance cover against the liabilities of its part assumed hereunder, and

(c)the exclusions, limitations and restrictions of and on the Carriers liability here-under.

(d)in the event of any failure by the Carrier, notwithstanding condition 14, to meet a premium service requirement the surcharge for that

delivery will be calculated on the level of service achieved.

(e)The Carrier is prepared to negotiate a different price if the Customer requires any variation of amendment to these conditions.


The Carrier shall have a general lien against the Customer or the owner or owners of any goods comprised in any consignment for any

monies and other liabilities whatsoever  due  f rom  the Cus tomer or such owner or owners  to  the Carr  ier.  I f  any such moni es or  l iabilities are

not paid or satisfied within a reasonable time, the Carrier shall be at liberty in its absolute discretion to sell any or all such goods as agent

for the owner

or owner's thereof and to apply the proceeds toward payment or satisfaction of all such monies or liabilities and all the expenses of any

such sale. The Carrier shall, upon accounting to the Customer for the balance remaining (if any) of such proceeds after such application, be

discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the consignment. Failure to deliver within the specified time period due to exercise of

the Carrier's lien shall not entitle the Customer or such owner or owners to withhold payment of any of the Carrier's charges.


The Carrier shall be relieved of its obligation to perform the Contract to the extent that the performance thereof is prevented by failure of the

Customer, fire, weather conditions, industrial dispute, labour disturbance, public and local holidays, early closing times, short time working,

causes in paragraphs (a to i) of clause 8 or cause beyond the reasonable control of the Carrier.


The value of a Consignment or part Consignment shall be taken as its invoice value if the goods have been sold. Otherwise it shal l  be taken

as the cost thereof to the owner.


These conditions apply for goods in transit within the British Isles.


The Carrier shall have in force with a reputable Insurance company:

(a)Employers liability insurance.

(b)Comprehensive Insurance to cover minimum liabilities imposed by the appropriate Road Traffic Acts which are inter alia.

(c)£500 000 in respect of damage to property. id) Unlimited in respect of injury or death.

(d)Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £1,000,000.

(e)the Carrier shall insure his liabilities arising out of the carriage of goods under these conditions.



The Carrier shall throughout the duration of the contract:

(a)employ competent workpeople. provide adequate training and supervision as to the proper handling of goods under the contract.

(b)provide and maintain in good working order all motor vehicles and ancillary equipment and ensure they are suitable for the purpo ses  for

which they are to be used

(c)observe any reasonable instructions given to him by the Customer or the consignee in connection with the performance of his obligat ion

under the contract.

(d)shall observe the provisions of the relevant works rules and safety requirements while on the Customer's and consignee's premise s .


The Carrier shall, if the consignment is involved in any accident or other occurrence resulting in injury. loss or damage to persons or

property give notification of such accident or occurrence to the customer as soon as practicable by telephone, and shall subsequently

confirm the details in writing The Carrier shall comply with any statutory requirements from time to time in force in respect of the notification

of accidents.


The headings for these Conditions of Carriage are for convenience only and shall have no effect on the interpretation thereof.


The construction validity and performance hereof shall be governed by the Law of Scotland.

1 st Apri l , 2012