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Why same-day delivery could be beneficial for your business

Now that everyone has adjusted to COVID-19 life, but with fewer constraints, the industry is slowly getting back on its feet. There has been a massive increase since the pandemic outbreak in demand for same-day delivery and courier services. Epaxs Couriers, on the other hand, makes confident that its services are the best available and […]

What to expect from a same day courier

Local letter and parcel delivery were frustratingly slow in the 19th century; worldwide deliveries were unpredictable and took a long time by the only mode of transportation available: the sea. Computers, electronic communications, same-day delivery, air travel, simplified road transportation, and couriers we can monitor are now public thanks to these innovations. Shoppers, nowadays, want […]

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability

A business that does not prepare for the future will likely go down the drain as consumers, trends and such change almost every day. Thus, sustainability is essential for all businesses. A business should also smoothly, even in tough times. The Covid-19 pandemic altered a significant number of aspects of people’s daily lives and commerce. […]