Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability Glasgow

Same day courier vs Next day delivery: Which Suits Your Business Better?

Same day courier vs Next day delivery: Which Suits Your Business Better?

As online shopping prevails, courier companies have been growing. Before, it would take days to complete a parcel delivery, but nowadays, customers are given various options such as next day delivery and same-day delivery.

Today’s customers expect immediate gratification. You may buy products from the convenience of your own home and have them delivered right away without having to wait for days. As a result, people favour firms that offer speedy delivery and those that guarantee the safety and protection of their products.

However, which would benefit you the best? Let’s compare the same-day and next-day services!

Same-day courier service

Same-day delivery is exactly what it sounds like: customers get their packages the same day they buy them from the store. This is a much faster way to get your package, but it’s also more expensive and more difficult for the courier service.

Next-day delivery

In the case of next-day delivery, clients can expect to get their order the following business day. On the other hand, businesses that offer time-sensitive or perishable goods need a delivery service to get the goods to the customer’s door within an hour or two of the order being placed.

Same day vs Next day: Cut-off time

If you order at a particular time, it may not be possible to have the package delivered on the same day. There are different ways to get the Next day delivery, depending on the courier you choose. You can better meet your customers’ needs if you have a lot of different things to choose from.

Same day vs Next day: Collection

Both services have a different collection time, and that time is based on when the goods need to be sent. Most people set the time for next-day delivery at the end of the day or after work. There is a strict time limit on when you can pick up your order with same-day delivery. When retailers and couriers get the packages ready, this gives them enough time to put them on the trucks and drive them to their destinations.

Same day vs Next day: Pricing

Next day and same-day delivery also have different prices. The faster delivery option costs more. In the case of Amazon, people who pay $99 a year for Amazon Prime get two-day delivery for free, and they get a discount on same-day delivery.

Customers are willing to pay more for a faster delivery service, which forces courier companies to develop a quicker and more accurate way to meet their needs.

Same day vs Next day: Sustainability

For same-day delivery, faster order processing and transportation are needed, which means more resources are needed. People often have to pay more because of rising costs. Because most furniture or electronics stores have many products in stock, they may be able to deliver the same day because they can. However, next-day delivery makes it easier for workers to fill orders properly. A lot fewer people are complaining and returning things. A lot less carbon dioxide is released when trucks go to clients, pick up an order, and drive back to a warehouse because fewer products are returned. Because there are a lot of deliveries made on the same day, there could be more noise and pollution. This saves money on gas and fuel and cuts down on carbon emissions.

Contrary to what people think, same-day delivery is more expensive for small businesses. Consumers save money because next-day deliveries cut down on their operating costs. Profits also go up, which means companies can spend more money on marketing and other things.


There is a strong need for immediate gratification, but the decision to go for next-day or same-day delivery lies solely with the customer and your business’s objectives. In the end, what matters most is that you meet your customers’ expectations and keep them pleased and satisfied with your products and services.

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How to Choose the Best Same Day Courier Service

How to Choose the Best Same Day Courier Service

It’s getting more and more common for businesses to use same-day delivery. You must have used a courier delivery service if you routinely mail parcels and documents for your company’s operations. Many courier services have sprung up due to the rise in commercial activity, making it difficult to select one that is right for your company’s needs.

It’s common for business owners to choose the Same Day Courier Company based on familiarity. Prior to selecting a courier firm for your business, it pays to perform some research. You must think about your requirements, research your possibilities, and make sure you get what you want at a fair price.

So, how do you choose a same-day courier service for your parcel delivery needs?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on a day delivery courier service.

Services provided

Transporting hazardous materials or medical equipment necessitates hiring a courier service that is equipped to handle the job in accordance with all applicable regulations. Fresh food, for example, may require the use of a specialized courier service. This means that the courier service must ensure that the items are transported in clean and temperature-controlled conditions. When looking for a courier service, be sure to check over their services to determine if they fit your demands.


Consider the cost of delivery before deciding on a courier. To ensure timely delivery, you wouldn’t go for pricey delivery service. Compare courier fees from several businesses and select the most cost-effective service. When it comes to same-day courier services, hidden expenses often make the service more expensive than it appears. When selecting a courier service, make sure you get the final fee. While cutting costs is important, don’t skimp on the quality of the services you provide.

Epaxs Courier will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote if you phone us. This is ideal if you’d like to arrange a courier through us. We understand if you prefer to phone a few other individuals first.


At all times, it’s critical to know where your delivery is. It is difficult to hand over a package and not know where it has been on its route. As a result, go for a delivery service that lets you monitor the progress of your package. An excellent shipping firm will provide thorough and detailed tracking capabilities so that you can always know where your package is. When dealing with urgent delivery, this is really essential.


Same-day courier services are available around the country. If you need delivery in numerous cities, pick a courier service that covers those places. Purchases made outside the country can be delivered by a courier service that handles domestic and international deliveries. International shipping may incur an additional price, but it is still reasonable. Allow your courier company to guarantee your abroad delivery on schedule.

Customer service

Customer service is essential when it comes to same-day delivery. The ability to provide excellent customer service is a key component of a reputable courier business. Everyone seeks a service provider who is easy to reach by phone and who provides a positive customer experience when working with them. Your same-day delivery service should be there to answer your questions and assist you in the event of a problem. If your courier business will assist you in loading and unloading the products, you should inquire.

Feedback from customers

Take time to read their client testimonials. It would be best to find out what people say about their services; it would help you make an informed decision before acquiring their services.


Everything You Need To Know About A Same Day Courier Service

Everything You Need To Know About A Same Day Courier Service

What is a Same Day Courier

Deliveries that arrive in less than 24 hours are known as “same-day.” Deliveries are typically made the same day an order is placed, if not sooner. However, this isn’t always the case. Customers must order before the cutoff time for same-day delivery for the firm to process, complete, and deliver their purchase.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Same Day Couriers

When businesses use a dependable same-day delivery service, they gain customer pleasure and loyalty. In today’s highly competitive environment, same day parcel delivery has gained the lead and is progressing to the next level of development. Due to the high demand for same-day delivery in most customer-centric organizations, same-day delivery has shown to be a profitable business strategy.

Staying competitive

It’s more likely that a customer will choose your website over a competitor’s if they can find the same item on both websites if you offer an urgent same-day delivery. You never know when someone will need last-minute goods, a replacement for a broken item or an urgent delivery, so it’s a good idea to offer same-day delivery as an option throughout the checkout process.

As a result, customers will not only consider your company while shopping online but also when shopping in a physical store. It’s possible that certain retailers are still in business because people often need things last-minute, but if you can provide the same level of service without requiring customers to travel to your store and park, you open up an entirely new market.

Increased conversion rates

Most people who shop online have experienced the frustration of adding items to their cart, seeing the projected delivery date, and then abandoning their purchase. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can type in the name of a competitor on Google and see if they provide the same product but with a speedier delivery option. Also, not everyone has the same patience to wait for a parcel for days. If your website isn’t converting at the desired rate, customers may be unwilling to wait for an item. Increasing the number of delivery alternatives you provide increases the likelihood that a customer will purchase from you.

Developing relationships with customer

In terms of marketing, acquiring new customers is much more expensive than maintaining existing ones, and providing perks such as same-day delivery may keep them loyal to your business. It means that when customers need something quickly, they know where to go, and when time is of the issue, they’ll choose you over the competition.

Door-to-door service

To provide good customer service, it is necessary to pay for replacements if an item is lost or damaged during shipping. This is an unfortunate side effect of accepting online transactions. One of the benefits of providing same-day delivery is that packages are delivered directly to customers’ homes by courier, which is usually a door-to-door service. Because they aren’t being sent to a sorting facility, they are less likely to get misplaced. HBC Logistics and other couriers that offer same-day delivery will pick up your shipment and deliver it directly to the consumer. The task is complete. You’ll even receive a signature confirming receipt.

How Much Does it Cost To Use a Same Day Courier Service?

Reach customer satisfaction with fast delivery! The pricing of same-day courier services will vary based on your delivery needs. All of these factors must be taken into account to ensure the timely arrival of your package. To ensure that your package arrives on time every time, we’ll assign one of our couriers to handle it.

Collaborating with Epaxs Courier to deliver your parcel is easy because of their expertise in the courier industry; you will never be dissatisfied! This hassle-free courier also provides tracking so you would know if your parcel is almost at your door.

However, please note the following things could affect the pricing:

  • Size of the parcel
  • Distance from pick up to drop off
  • Special requests

Get a quote to know before booking so you can anticipate the fee!


Benefits of A Same Day Courier

Benefits of A Same Day Courier

Good client connections are the goal of every firm. Loyalty programs, discounts, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products are common strategies business owners use to build trust with their customers. If you’re going to attract a customer’s attention, you’re going to have to offer same-day shipping.

We’re all about instant pleasure in this generation. We have a short attention span when it comes to obtaining our desires. When it comes to acquiring goods, the same is true. Once you’ve placed your purchase, all you can do is watch the window for the delivery man. As outlined below, same-day delivery can do a lot for your business.

Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

Customers who can’t wait or make it to the store can greatly benefit from same-day delivery service. Having the ability for customers to place orders and pick up returns the same day increases customer happiness. People are happier when their interactions with your company are simplified.

Less Friction in The Purchase Decision

The main problem with e-commerce is that customers have to wait long for their purchases to arrive. Because of this, same-day delivery helps to alleviate this drawback. Urgency has been shown to increase customers’ online purchasing decisions due to these findings. Adopting same-day delivery has the additional benefit of lowering cart abandonment rates.

Reduced Costs

Every year, the post office raises postal costs, putting pressure on the finances of businesses across the country. Some businesses are unable to afford the hefty prices that are charged by some of the most well-known shipping providers. Companies save money by using a local courier service that doesn’t demand a minimum volume of goods to be sent at a time. Profits increase when delivery expenses are reduced.

Increase in credibility

Customers are more likely to be satisfied if a parcel is delivered on the same day. They’ll get the impression that you care about them and are prepared to go above and beyond to get their purchases to them as quickly as feasible. If your brand image improves, as a result, you will appear more professional and credible.

Maintain A Competitive Edge

With so many firms offering next-day parcel delivery and other benefits, it’s vital to provide something your competitors don’t. You’ll be able to compete with other neighborhood small businesses and convince consumers to utilize your service.

Improved Efficiency

Many firms strive to improve their efficiency since more earnings and stronger brand recognition. Same-day courier service expedites shipments and enables businesses to move documents between locations or to third-party vendors. Having this expertise ensures that daily operations operate smoothly and distinguishes the firm from the competitors.

Better inventory management system

The stock should not be piled up in your warehouse. It’s not just a waste of space but also a waste of time and energy to try to get everything in order. Manufacturing and sales work together with same-day delivery, so you don’t need to set up a complicated inventory system for your warehouse. Spend your time and energy on the more important things than other things you do. If you make same-day courier delivery services available to your customers, you might get many good things out of it. It’s becoming more and more critical in today’s world of instant gratification. The customers love it, and you’ll love it as well.


Why same-day delivery could be beneficial for your business

Now that everyone has adjusted to COVID-19 life, but with fewer constraints, the industry is slowly getting back on its feet. There has been a massive increase since the pandemic outbreak in demand for same-day delivery and courier services. Epaxs Couriers, on the other hand, makes confident that its services are the best available and as secure as possible. How vital is same-day delivery to your company, and how can it be improved?

Supply chain optimisation

Your company’s supply chain is essential to the services you provide and whether or not your customers will stick with you in the future. Having a crucial shipment delayed might put your entire business in danger. The delivery provider you choose must understand your business and clients, simplify your services, and never fail to deliver. Even while every company doesn’t require same-day delivery, our research shows that the whole supply chain often undergoes a refurbishment (see below).


A unique selling point is what every business should have as it helps with customer satisfaction and keeps your repeat customers. Having a delivery service that “goes the additional mile” is an excellent USP for any business. Your items will have a unique selling proposition (USP) that piques the interest of your target market. Still, if you also provide same-day delivery, you set yourself apart from the competition. You go from being a competitor to having to defeat the competition.

Building trust

To be successful, any business needs a steady flow of repeat clients. The client must have faith in the supplier for this to happen. By providing same-day delivery, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to providing top-notch customer service. When a product is delivered on time, customers are naturally impressed. In addition, utilising same-day delivery will almost certainly benefit every member of the team. To fulfil customer demand and the required level of service quality, increased productivity is likely.

Dealing with unexpected situations

It is inevitable in business that logistics will malfunction. When products, documents, or consignments must be delivered urgently and at double the average speed. Exactly. That’s what we do with our same-day delivery service. Make your business more secure in the future by registering with us today.

Enhancing profit margins and service

By partnering with a professional courier or same-day delivery service, you could look forward to more significant profit margins. Hence, same-day delivery is a high-grade service, and people who want it are willing to pay that extra cost. Therefore, current margins could well see a new boost.

Professionals working in same-day delivery know their industry back to front and know how to make sure the delivery service given is cost-effective to the client business and how to ensure the service is fulfilled. For instance, here at Same-Day, we know life sometimes gets in the way, so we always try to back up each consignment we send out. By organising a backup, we can minimise the possibility of a delivery getting held up or not happening.

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability Glasgow

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability in Glasgow

Future of delivery

We’ll never cut corners on quality only to fulfil your delivery dates. Our competitors may be quicker, but we believe our delivery service is better in every aspect. No matter what the situation calls for, you can count on our couriers to handle it politely and follow Covid-19 principles. We have an advantage over the competition regarding delivery services since they have become so sophisticated in recent years.

Contact a courier company

A company that will indeed exceed consumer expectations? That characteristic is in Epaxs Couriers. They have a same-day delivery option, scheduled delivery, or next day delivery option- it’s your choice!

They prioritise excellent customer service; therefore, you can trust them with your logistics. Contact their service team now.


What to expect from a same day courier

Local letter and parcel delivery were frustratingly slow in the 19th century; worldwide deliveries were unpredictable and took a long time by the only mode of transportation available: the sea. Computers, electronic communications, same-day delivery, air travel, simplified road transportation, and couriers we can monitor are now public thanks to these innovations.

Shoppers, nowadays, want almost every transaction to be as fast as possible. Especially for their courier service, they would always look for the same day delivery option. Therefore, to be a commercial success nowadays, anything promoted to every consumer must have speed as a primary feature. In the twenty-first century, technology and services are all about “if not now, then when? Is this really necessary? Customers want and expect speed, and the sector is only meeting those expectations by reacting to public demand.

The Demands Of The Market

Delivering quality has become a priority for consumers as technology has progressed. Customers’ expectations have risen in tandem with delivery services, and they now want more than just speed. We now have the option of same-day shipping. In today’s new generation, having your shipment arrive the same day it was purchased looks amazing, and it might be the difference between success and failure for businesses. It keeps everyday systems running smoothly by lubricating the moving parts, and it also provides exceptional service to customers.

Aside from food outlets and taxis, same-day delivery is arguably most well-known in these two industries. Epaxs have recently risen to prominence, elevating food delivery to a new level. The medical business is another one that is continuously in need of same-day delivery.

Benefits of Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery benefits all sectors. There will always be days when life gets in the way, and urgent delivery is needed.. Every same day courier service provider must be educated to handle delicate or difficult things as well as personal documents with equal care. Same day delivery drivers must be friendly. As partners, they must boost your brand’s identity by offering exceptional and courteous customer service.

Able to keep up

By offering same day shipping, your company is not just competitive with other online merchants; customers will also regard you in the same category as brick-and-mortar shops. One of the reasons that some retailers are still in business is that there will always be people who require something at the last minute. However, if you can provide essentially the same speed without the need for a customer to drive to the store and park, you will open up a whole new market for your business.


One problem of accepting online retail transactions is that products will always be lost or damaged in transportation, requiring you to pay for a replacement. One of the advantages of same day courier service is that things are delivered immediately by courier, generally door-to-door. They won’t be mixed with other packages at a sorting facility, increasing the risk of their becoming lost. Therefore, both you and your client will experience a hassle-free transaction.

Develop relationships with customers

In the marketing world, acquiring new consumers is far more expensive than maintaining existing ones, and providing advantages such as same-day delivery can help keep clients loyal to your business. It implies that when people are in a hurry, they know exactly where to turn, and when time is of the essence, they will choose you over your competitors.

Unique Selling Point

Even if you don’t expect to conduct many same-day deliveries, having the option is good. It gives your company a distinctive selling point (USP) that you may use in marketing initiatives. If you currently provide next day delivery, you don’t need to do anything to enable same day.

Should Same Day Delivery Be Outsourced?

Starting a same-day delivery service at your company might be intimidating, but we’re here to help. We have over 17 years of expertise in the sector, and we’re delighted to share our knowledge with you.

In-house delivery management has significant advantages, of course. You’re in complete command of the way the system functions. However, for all its benefits, it also comes with a lot of baggage in the form of more administration, effort, time, and financial resources for your organisation. With an outsourced same-day delivery service, the emphasis is on the logistics of quick delivery rather than on the quality of service. Therefore, the organisation will be familiar with the challenges that managers encounter and will be equipped with the procedures necessary to provide a high-quality service. By contracting with a reliable courier service provider, you can maintain high-quality standards (and therefore keep your brand name high on the agenda).

When it comes to urgent, time-sensitive parcel deliveries, you can count on Epaxs Couriers Glasgow to handle it quickly, carefully, and securely. To make things even better for our customers, we provide a reliable same-day delivery service. Entrust your parcel delivery with us, as we prioritise customer satisfaction significantly.


Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability Glasgow

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability

A business that does not prepare for the future will likely go down the drain as consumers, trends and such change almost every day. Thus, sustainability is essential for all businesses. A business should also smoothly, even in tough times.

The Covid-19 pandemic altered a significant number of aspects of people’s daily lives and commerce. Due to the high volume of online purchasing, courier companies have witnessed an increase in demand for their services, and there has been a delivery service every day. Thus, supply chains for many organizations have been completely turned on their heads. 

Industry, couriers, and sustainability

Although sustainability is a default requirement in every business, owners have not taken it seriously until the pandemic hit the world. Companies must consider sustainability when designing their supply chains – it can no longer be purely a matter of profit and loss.

Moreover, on this blog, you will get to broaden your information about packaging and transport emissions.

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability Glasgow

Same Day Courier Services And Sustainability in Glasgow

Firms and packaging

One of the significant aspects of the business to consider is the packaging used in delivery. Usually, parcels are filled with cardboard and polystyrene or paper. Such materials can have a negative environmental impact. Hence, when businesses evaluate their supply chains, they should examine why specific materials are used for packaging and how much is used. Packaging decisions were probably initially made solely based on cost. In any business, sustainability remains a priority, but is it possible to be flexible with packaging if it causes environmental sustainability issues?

 Would it be possible to reduce the amount of packaging or change the type of packaging? Is there a way to minimize packaging without compromising the quality of the product?


Courier industry and packing

Courier services, for example, are not often involved in the packaging of their items. Epaxs Couriers, for instance, has access to the best couriers in the UK. Businesses approach us for two primary reasons: either to assist with delivering a shipment to a client or as a B2B contract where our couriers play a part in the supply chain. We always provide a car and dispatch service to bring the things to their final location. When it comes to shipping, the customer decides what items need to be sent, how many, and even how they should be packaged.

Packaging option

Cardboard is an excellent material to recycle. However, the transition to internet trade necessitates a more extensive reliance on outside packaging than on brand product packaging in the long run. As a commodity, cardboard is getting increasingly difficult to come by. Reusable cardboard cartons are an additional choice. The B2B supply chain may agree to return any unused boxes, making this a more effective tool between companies.

Emissions and courier services

Couriers and transportation emissions have been a topic of conversation for a while now. The government’s new objectives have forced changes in the logistics and transportation business. By 2050, the aim was to have eliminated all the carbon emissions. While traffic on the highways has risen recently, diesel has displaced petrol as the preferred fuel. The government has begun a scheme to sell entirely electric automobiles for the year 2030. Driving more sustainably is more trendy. It’s all about keeping your car in good working order and moving efficiently to save money on gas.

Final thoughts

When it comes to protecting the environment for future generations, we at Epaxs Couriers aim to be at the lead of the pack. Whether you need a time-critical courier service or merely fantastic delivery options, you may contact us at 07525 826191. The line is open 24 hours; submit your queries!

Moreover, Epaxs provides same-day courier services across the UK using our countrywide network of fast delivery drivers. Our same-day courier service can be scheduled or last-minute, as needed. We also provide same-day and next-day international delivery. Epaxs Express delivers on time and reliably.