Put your courier company to the test

Trust is the most important thing that decides whether a business relationship will work or not. It’s a must when choosing a delivery partner.

If your deliveries come on time, in good shape, and with a friendly driver, you’re more likely to get paid on time. Any kind of question can be used as a convenient excuse to delay payment, and not delivering on time can hurt your reputation and results.

So, if you’re looking to arrange a new courier, there are some things we think you should consider to see how well you might work together:

Ask, will your prospective new collection and delivery courier service offer;

  • A knowledgeable account manager who will get to know your needs in detail, what are your regular routes and locations, any particular requests for specific customers, and the size of vehicles you prefer.
  • A confirmation of the order and quick responses, so you can track the package and know the job is completed safely and securely.
  • A proof of delivery that arrives on time so you can be sure that the goods have been delivered, signed for, and are with the right person.
  • Guarantee that a responsible person will sign for the goods and that they will be sent to the named recipient and not just left behind a desk in reception.
  • A call when a delivery fails, maybe because there’s no one there, all appropriate staff have left the workplace, or the people who are supposed to get the items won’t take them.
  • Expert advice on how to wrap delicate items before moving them, and will you use extra foam and straps to make sure they are secure and don’t move during the trip?
  • Rapid same day delivery service option if required
  • Notify you if the transportation has been delayed by roadworks, an accident, or bad weather.
  • Fully trained, careful, professional, and polite drivers who will make a good impression on your customers when they deliver to their homes or businesses
  • A well-maintained transport fleet, with specialist vehicles where required, to make sure that the items are in a safe and reliable environment when on the road.

Some carriers might not know how to answer all of these questions in a way that makes you happy. At Epaxs Couriers, we’re happy to have our qualifications and reliability as your chosen courier checked out.


Epaxs Couriers stands out as a reliable and efficient same-day courier in Glasgow. Through our online platform, customers can conveniently place orders for urgent deliveries, ensuring that their packages arrive promptly. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous testing procedures, which guarantee the safe and timely arrival of each order. Giving both your organisation and customers valued peace of mind. Epaxs Couriers is dedicated to providing seamless and trustworthy same-day courier service, making us the preferred choice for all your urgent delivery needs in Glasgow.

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