Rfid Asset Tracking System

An RFID asset tracking system is a solution for a highly digitized world. Businesses need to understand how their assets are used and where they can direct their finances for the largest gains.

What are the symptoms of hardware bloat?

IT bloat is not just isolated to software. Although companies use more than 100 types of software, even in the age of software as a service, they also give employees the technologies required to run these systems.

The problem is only becoming worse with remote employment increasing at a rapid pace. Technologies make their way around the country and even the world. This magnifies the need to track your IT.

Asset bloat is both a security and cost issue. It is easy to lose hardware containing sensitive data within a sea of devices.

How do I track my company’s hardware?

Knowing where your technologies are is harder than it seems. Even in the consumer realm, phone tracking applications only work with reliable internet when they are turned on. Corporate theft, although on the rise, is not the only reason such applications mysteriously stop working.

Hardware tracking requires a set of policies and procedures that allow you to understand where your equipment is and how it is being used. Bar codes, RFID chips, and software are the most important assets your accounting and IT teams have for knowing where your hardware is used.

What makes a hardware tracking system?

A solid hardware tracking system incorporates tangible tracking tools with software for a fully integrated experience. These systems work well with any technology without being cumbersome or creating an easy target.

Systems should include:

  • Inventory management systems for handling tens, hundreds, or thousands of assets
  • Small RFID chips or another simple device
  • Integrations with other systems and devices

A full-bodied approach is the key to a successful audit. Your team needs to understand where and how your technology is used. Knowing the mixture of hardware and software at your business prevents theft and maximizes revenue.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a vital part of the technology audit. In some circumstances, such as when complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, it is required.


  • Finds Efficiencies
  • Helps discover where technology is used
  • Discovers which technologies are in demand
  • Helps redirect assets
  • Helps prevent corporate theft and lets you know what is missing

A sound security and technology strategy starts with an understanding of the audit process and the tools required to help. Without this knowledge, you are flying blind in a sea of hardware, software, and personal information.

A RFID Asset Tracking System that Works

Asset tracking solutions are not all equal. Acquiring an RFID asset tracking system is a terrific step in the right direction. A solid system can track hardware and software while offering customizability to fit your needs.

ENASYS created a platform with businesses in mind. The system is designed from the ground up to create an intuitive, simple, and solution for a complex problem. Contact us today to find out more.



Rfid Asset Tracking System

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