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Warehouse operations play a big role in the efficiency and profitability of your company. A good warehousing plan provides you with the strategies that will make your business more successful. Efficiency is essential when it comes to storing and shipping your products. You want to make sure that you make decisions that will improve increase productivity and reduce logistics overhead costs. Sometimes the best option is to use a warehouse provider for your company’s product storage needs.

What is Strategic Warehousing?

Simply put, strategic warehousing is the creation and use of a plan that is beneficial to your company’s operations and bottom line. The decision to outsource your warehouse facilities is often based on several factors including efficiency and cost. The best solution is to choose a distribution location that has easy access and offers an effective way to manage your products.

Warehouse plans are often part of the overall logistics plan of a company. It may not always be cost effective to maintain your own warehouse facilities. In many cases, the overhead costs associated with your own facility make it less appealing than the use of an established off-premise location.

An efficient warehouse facility is equipped for your warehouse needs. The facility has a secure yard, many doors and dock spaces and a system for managing your inventory. You want to be able to move your products in and out as quickly as possible and with limited notice. It is also important to choose a warehouse facility that can accommodate the space that you need to house your inventory.

What are the Benefits of Strategic Warehousing?

There are many benefits of strategic warehousing including experienced warehouse management, efficient planning, large space that is well-organized, fast shipping and customized storage options, among others.

Last Mile Logistics has more than 200 years of combined experience managing warehouse facilities. Our team knows how to handle products safely and efficiently to save you time and money. We help you plan your warehouse requirements using CAD drawings. We assess your needs so we can locate your products in the location that will be most advantageous.

Our warehouse plans facilitate efficient storage and movement of your goods so that you can keep costs to a minimum. Our large staging docks are ideal for ease of handling whether inbound or outbound. A same-day shipping standard ensures that your goods will arrive on time.

We offer customized storage solutions that may include racks and conveyors as well as accommodations for bulk products. We have a large number of overhead warehouse doors to make inventory flow as convenient as possible. Our large warehouse facility can accommodate almost any size inventory.

Vendor-managed inventory services are the perfect way to handle your goods while at the same time keeping handling costs down. Efficiency is the key to high quality shipping and storage and to providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations. Count on Las Mile Logistics for all your inventory and warehouse needs. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent logistics solutions.

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